Vornado™ Vortex Mixers

Sale price$229.09
The Vornado mini vortexer stands out as a formidable device, embodying unmatched strength. Boasting a 4 mm orbit and a consistent speed of 2800rpm, it effortlessly vortexes substantial samples, including nearly full 50 ml tubes. Despite its robust motor, the Vornado maintains a compact footprint, occupying less than 4×4 inches of space, ensuring compatibility with even the busiest workbenches.

Its Insta-Touch functionality initiates motor operation with gentle pressure on the central cup head, guaranteeing seamless, quiet, and efficient operation. Disengagement halts operation promptly upon pressure release.

Distinguished by its innovative head design, the Vornado safeguards against liquid infiltration into the housing, thereby extending motor longevity. Furthermore, it offers versatility with five distinct cup head color options.


  • Powerful vortexing for tubes up to 50ml
  • Inst-Touch™ pressure activated operation
  • “Mini Sized”, less than 4 in. wide
  • Available in 5 colors
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