0.9% Saline Solution

ufcbioCAT: SLN-090

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0.9% Normal Saline solution is often used as a sterile wash for cleaning wounds, nasal rinse to reduce congestion, and much more.
COMPLETELY STERILE: Our 0.9% saline solution is completely sterile. Contents are sterile unless the container has been opened.
MADE IN USA: Ensures high-quality materials are used to create our 0.9% sterile saline solution.
APPLICATION: For research/lab purposes only. Pure 0.9% saline solution.
WARNING: This is for research purposes only. This product is NOT used for injection. Keep out of reach of children. If you are using this product, consult with your pharmacist.

This product has a variety of uses and contains sodium chloride. Normal saline solution is non-toxic to mammalian cells and isotonic.

  • Sterile 0.22um filtered and autoclaved
  • Solution composition: 0.9% sodium chloride (NaCl)
  • Does not contain magnesium or calcium
  • Suitable as viral transport media
  • Suitable for microbial research
  • Suitable for molecular research
  • Suitable as a wash buffer
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Multiple packaging options are available
  • CAUTION: Research, testing, and further manufacturing use only.

Chemical Information:

Formula: NaCl
MW: 58.44 g/mol
Storage Temperature: Ambient

MDL Number: MFCD00003477
CAS Number: 7647-14-5
EINECS: 231-598-3


  • Appearance: clear, colorless
  • Assay: 0.84 – 0.86%
  • Conductivity at 25°C: 14.0-17.0 mS/cm
  • pH at 25°C: 4.5 – 7.0
  • Endotoxin: ≤ 0.05 EU/mL
  • RNase, DNase: none detected

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