Jupiter Electronic Pipettes

United ScientificCAT: UNEPV0010

Sale price$463.40
Versatile United Scientific™ Jupiter Electronic Pipettes provide fast, accurate results using three separate modes: pipetting, stepper dispensing, and diluting. Quickly select between modes, volumes, and speed using easy two-knob operation and a digital display with clear status indicators. Choose the parameter to be adjusted using the blue knob, and dial in precise settings using the black function wheel.
Jupiter pipettes use a reliable, high-performance motor to deliver accuracy and repeatability. The ergonomic, lightweight design is comfortable to handle, and the electronic operation protects against repetitive motion injury. Three separate aspirating and dispensing speeds and up to ten stepper counts let users decide the frequency and quantity of samples to dispense. The lithium-ion battery in Jupiter is easily recharged using either the provided AC adapter or USB cable. Also includes a stand that can be mounted on a flat surface or wall.
  • Electronic operation saves time and reduces manual errors
  • Comfortable, lightweight design
  • Three operating modes with quick, accurate adjustments using two knobs
  • Calibrated and tested in compliance with ISO8655-6 / DIN12650


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