Nitrile gloves with oats extractions, powder free, a patented coating recognized by the FDA as a skin protectant

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Colloidal Oatmeal Coated Nitrile Gloves:
  • Enhanced durability paired with excellent resistance against punctures
  • Enhanced tactile sensitivity due to a finer gauge Innovative design facilitates easy wearing, reducing the risk of roll-back
  • Gloves offer a plush, snug fit, and they're adaptable for both hands
  • Exceptional heat, puncture, and abrasion resistance for optimum protection
  • Ideal for those with latex allergies, providing a reliable alternative Comes in compliance with international packaging standards
  • Patented oat extract coating recognized by the FDA as a skin protector, with clinical studies endorsing its effectiveness in managing rashes and dry skin Specifications: 


    • Designed for single use
    • Suitable for either hand Features a beaded cuff for added security
    • Textured for improved grip
    • Free from powder and chlorination


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