iSwab Oropharyngeal (Oral) Swabs for Medical Sampling

ufcbioCAT: OPN-001-50

Sale price$24.99
  • These Flocked Oral Swabs are individually packaged, disposable swabs used for sampling.
  • Improved sample collection, due to the flock technology resulting in consistent sampling. Rapid auto-elution results in the spontaneous release of the sample.
  • Total Length: 150mm, Tip Length: 20mm, Break Point: 80mm
  • 50 swabs per pack.

Technical Description

  • Excellent sample collection and release ability, the capillary action between the nylon fibers enhance the loading of the aqueous sample, and the sample is concentrated on the surface of the swab, making it easier to elute. These flocking swabs are versatile for use and used in virology, bacteriology, forensic testing, DFA testing, enzyme immunoassay, polymerase chain reaction and molecular diagnostic-based assays, and more. It can also be used for nasal, throat, and mouth sampling of respiratory viruses such as influenza, corona (COVID-19), swine flu, avian flu, etc.
  • Strict process conditions, no DNase and RNase, no endotoxin, no cell inhibitors.
  • Can be used on people and livestock.
  • Easy and fast operation.
  • Individually packaged in a double sterilized plastic/paper with an easy peel-off paper pouch.
  • With extraordinary water absorption capacity, the amount of specimen collection is increased.
  • The increased release rate for collected specimens ensures high reliability of results.
  • The plastic rod has a unique breakable design for easy specimen transport.
  • E-beam irradiation is sterilized with independent packaging.
  • Made in the USA swabs result in high-quality materials.


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