Sodium Hydroxide Solution CAS No: 1310-73-2

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Manufactured from USP-grade Purified water and ACS Citric Acid. Filtered with 1μm filter.

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Manufactured from USP Purified Water and ACS-grade Sodium Hydroxide. Filtered with 1μm filter.

CAS Registry Number 1310-73-2
Name Sodium Hydroxide
Synonyms Caustic soda solution; lye solution; sodium hydroxide liquid; sodium hydrate solution, sodium
hydroxide volumetric solution
Molecular Formula NaOH
Molecular Weight 40.00
Molecular Structure



Catalog Number Concentration Specification Sheet
S0050 0.50 N Sodium Hydroxide Spec
S0100 1.00 N Sodium Hydroxide Spec
S0500 5.0 N Sodium Hydroxide Spec
S0800 8.0 N Sodium Hydroxide Spec
SX015 36% Sodium Hydroxide Spec


Material Safety Data Sheet



Catalog Number Size
Sxxxx-001 1L
Sxxxx-010 10 L
Sxxxx-220 220 L
Sxxxx-Bulk Bulk